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The Eternal Life Club store was created to sell the most important, high quality longevity supplements at the best price anywhere, all while still giving 13% to anti-aging research. The markup on supplements is so outrageous that we've found we can beat the competition with 13% to spare all while delivering perfect quality. Other companies will hate us, but we believe in helping everyone afford and use these supplements. If we can't provide the best, we will tell you where to buy it.

The Top Anti-Aging Supplements

CBD (Cannabidiol)

The evidence is mounting that CBD is one of the top longevity supplements, and when it comes to quality there is no finer than CBDx, a brand that carries strict quality standards. The strong CBD-rich hemp strains are grown without pesticdes, on fully traceable farms we have visited ourselves, and extracted using pristine super critical CO2 extraction. The final products contain only the purest ingredients, cold pressed hemp oil (syringe), and cold pressed grape seed oil and pure mint oil (drops). Get your CBDx, you can really tell the difference.

Bee Propolis
Full spectrum trace minerals
Chlorella vulgaris
CBD (Cannabidiol)

Quality that Human Beings Deserve

Honestly Labeled
All of our products have passed the strict Honestly LabeledTM seal review process. When we say non-GMO we mean 100% non-GMO, not the legal allowance. We do not hide ingredients such as carriers and solvents. We are above and beyond reproach when it comes to our labels.
Honestly Labeled
We never use genetically modified organisms in any of our products. The technology is in its infancy and there is still too much we don't know about the safety.
Honestly Labeled
We certify that all of our products are produced in a GMP certified facility, and every batch is tracked for quality control purposes.
To avoid any confusion, we only use this symbol if absolutely no animal products are involved.
Anti-Aging Categories
Support healthy DNA replication in the body
Telomere Activation
Support Telomere Activation
Support for cellular function and apoptosis
Support for healthy Neurotransmitter regulation
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