Chlorella vulgaris

Not all chlorella is equal, but if you get the right kind and use enough of it, there are few things as nourishing to the body as chlorella. Often chlorella is grown outdoors, susceptible to pollution and potential blooms. The cleanest chlorella by far is the kind grown inside tanks, completely sealed off from the outside world and never to see the light of day. (We are aware of some grown this way in Korea.) Due to these growing conditions, the cell wall is weak breaks naturally, and it is easily digested. Other methods of breaking the cell wall may leave the final material susceptible to molding. There is no reason to get organic as long as you get the Korean indoor-grown chlorella. The only difference is that they pay more for an organic designation and pass on the cost to you. We recommend brands such as Daesang and Foodtopia. We recommend taking chlorella by the spoonful, not in capsule-sized quantities. However, be aware if you have low blood pressure, as taking a higher amount of chlorella can really lower blood sugar and BP.

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