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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one supplement for longevity?

Despite all the wonderful supplements for longevity, it is still likely true that diet plays a greater role in longevity than any particular supplement. Eating to boost albumin, consuming oil, and getting enough iodine are all critical.

As far as supplements, iodine could be the most important presently, given the high amounts of halogens people are exposed to. Studies done on centenarians show that the thyroid is directly or indirectly connected to some of the most significant longevity factors.

Does CBD have any contraindications?

We are aware of no contraindications with CBD oil. Given the many different man-made drugs presently on the market that is saying a lot. CBD is a cannabinoid, a nutrient also found in some foods, and is also similar to the body's own naturally-produced endocannabinoids. So in theory taking CBD oil would provide your body is a boost of nutrients similar to ones it is already familiar with, rather than introduce something completely new.

We advise everyone to consult with professionals with regard to any medical questions. We are not allowed to prescribe medicine or give medical directives.

Do you use magnesium stearate in any of your products?

We do not. All of our products are submitted to the Honestly Labeled seal review process to qualify for the privilege of using the seal on the bottle. We do not hide ingredients, which is the industry norm.

If the product is past the expiration date is it still safe?

Expiration dates are determined at manufacture and bottling, sometimes based on very limited information, and it is not to say the product will have gone bad. Far from it. The usual reason for a shorter expiration date is to ensure label claim accuracy. If an ingredient degrades over time, the label might no longer be accurate within the acceptable allowance of error after only 2 years -- even if the degradation is only 5%. (Common with amino acid supplements.) If the same product is stored properly, degradation might be under 1%.

Some supplements increase in potency over time, for reasons not yet understood. In some cases degradation may actually create byproducts which stimulate to the body and produce a heightened benefit, due to the principle of Hormesis.

If you would like more detailed information about any particular product and the optimal way to store it, please feel free to contact us.

I want to order Aging Resist I, but I don't want the Vitamin D. Can I still get the discount only subtract the price of Vitamin D from my subscription?

Absolutely. We allow customers to subscribe to any arrangement of products they want, and we will still give the same great discount. Just email us your "aging resist stack" and we will give you a quote.

Also, we have a version of Vitamin D called FSD (Full Spectrum D) that we freely allow a customer to swap for Vitamin D at no extra charge.

Ive been reading that I3C is really important for longevity, and also CoQ10, but you sell neither.

The science on I3C is not as clear cut as you might think, and we aren't sure it is good idea to take it, so we've been holding off from selling it. We will publish an article on this in a couple of weeks. CoQ10 is wonderful, but if you consume mushroom teas, like Reishi and Chaga, you are probably already getting sufficient CoQ10.

CoQ10 is also a bit expensive, so why not just get it at the same time and along with all the other benefits of Reishi and Chaga? Still, we will likely have a CoQ10 supplement in a few months. CoQ10 does rock.

I am trying to increase my stem cells. How do I do that?

I would look into Propolis and Colloidal Silver. Both are listed on our stem cells collection page.

Can you explain shipping?

Our shipping policy is very simple. We use commerical base pricing with discount cubic pricing to pass wonderfully low shipping charges to our customers. Shipping anywhere in the USA is always only $4.95 or less (only packages under 15 oz are less).

Free US shipping kicks in on any order over $49. Some International locations are programmed into the checkout, such as Canada, China, and Mexico. But for these and any other international order you always have the option of selecting "Invoice me true shipping cost" and we will invoice that to you separately after the total has been calculated.

We are based out of Carson City, Nevada. Orders ship by the next business day, and same day shipping is possible. Most orders arrive in 2 days, but it takes 3 days to some locations. If you provide us your email, you are automatically sent a tracking number.

How do I contact you?

The customer service email is the simple word "help", followed by the @ sign, and then this domain,

You may also text "CALL" to 775.430.4540 and a representative will return your call.

Please, if you have any other questions at all, or there is some way you are hoping we can assist you, do not hesitate to ask. Asking can't hurt, right?

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