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When you purchase an Eternal Life Club membership package, 13% of every sale goes to SENS research foundation, an organization that is working hard to mitigate the effects of aging, and hopefully will allow people to live into old age without suffering from alzheimers, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, cataracts, and more. Make no mistake, the ultimate goal of these researchers is to actually reverse and prevent all aging-related disease. In the meantime we would like to not have to see our loved ones suffer as a result of it.

Aging is the leading cause of death worldwde, and it is also the leading cause of suffering. We at Eternal Life Club are devoted to supporting the work that will help discover effective treatments against aging related disease.

We take extreme precautions to ensure that our supplements are of the highest quality. We only work with ingredients that we know well and use ourselves. There are lots of supplements out there, and most are not worth the money. In some cases, often when the supplement is very cheap or from some sketchy brand, it is found to contain just a cheap filler.

When you buy from Eternal Life Club, you will only be getting quality material, and substanes that are worth the money. CBDx is the highest quality CBD oil on the market, and we have visited the growers, and seen the CO2 extraction process. Harsh solvents sometimes used to extract cannabinoids are detrimental to health.

At the same time we want to make all of the most important longevity supplements affordable, and we have found that quality does not have to mean expensive. Our experience is that the companies selling higher quality products also have a much higher markup. We see no reason for things to be this way. We want everyone to have the best possible chance of escaping the effects of aging as long as possible.

When you subscribe to the Aging Resist program, you get all the perks of membership. There is a significant discount from retail. Membership includes early and complete access to our research, and when you become a member we make a $20 donation to SENS research foundation (or 13% of your order, whichever is higher).

The Aging Resist program was separated into two levels, so that we could offer a more encompassing program to those who could afford it. Would you pay $1.63 per day for the top 7 longevity supplements? Aging Resist I is what you are looking for. Would you pay $4 per day for the best longevity program that $4 can buy? If so, look into Aging Resist II.

Founded in 2012, the Eternal Life Fan Club has been a supporter, having become one of the most well known voices advocating for anti-aging research. Our company has been created to be an extension of that voice, providing valuable research and bringing quality supplement products to the market. We want to help all who want to stay healthy and young do just that!

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