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Would you pay $1.63 per day for the top 7 longevity supplements? or $3.75 per day for 14 supplements which combined address every cause of aging?

When you subscribe to the Aging Resist Longevity Supplement Plan (see below), you get all the perks of membership. In addition to receiving the maximum discount possible, you receive exlusive tips and information about your own personal questions and concerns.

Currently, Aging Resist comes in two tiers, Aging Resist I and Aging Resist II, but it is also customizable for those who need modifications. By signing up for either tier you get an Eternal Life Club membership package.

We also make a $20 donation (or 13% of your order, whichever is higher) to Alzheimer's, SENS, or an aging research foundation of your choice.

Aging-related diseases are the leading cause of suffering worldwide. Alzheimers, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, cataracts, and so many more diseases are due primarily to aging-related factors.

We believe that by investing in your health you can greatly minimize aging-related conditions. We encourage everyone to spend at least $1.63 per day (the cost of Aging Resist I) toward their future health. Please also share this thought with your friends and family who you love and treasure. If you can, get them to sign up or pay their way if you can do that.

We will give an extra special discount to anyone who pays additionally for someone else, so let us know if you do that.

The ultimate goal of researchers is to actually reverse and prevent all aging-related disease, but that could take many years to achieve. There is so much that can be done right now. Don't wait another day before helping your body deal with the cumulative effects effects of aging.

Science has allowed us to narrow in on the best herbal extracts and materials. Innovative techniques have allowed materials to be available that never were before, and made others finally affordable, such as trehalose to name just one.

We follow the research to figure out what those substances are. We source top quality materials which we use ourselves. We never accept any adulterants.

There are lots of supplements out there that are not worth the money, some even harmful. When you buy from the Eternal Life Club, you will only be getting quality material, and substanes that have been evaluated and found to superior value.

We want to make all of the most important longevity supplements affordable, and we have found that quality does not have to mean expensive. Our experience is that the companies selling higher quality products also have a much higher markup. They are appealing to those who can afford to buy the best, so costs are expected to be higher.

We see no reason for things to be this way. What we have done is utilized a normal markup on the highest quality materials, and that is why we our prices are usually competitive despite having flawless material. We want everyone to have the best possible chance of escaping the effects of aging as long as possible, and you don't do that by cutting costs on quality.

Click here to see the current sign up options for Aging Resist I and II. There is also a Tester Bundle for those who would like to try the products before signing up for anything.

Founded in 2012, we have been a supporter of the Eternal Life Fan Club, a community advocating for anti-aging research. Our company has been created to be an extension of that work, providing valuable research and bringing quality supplement products to the market. We want to help all who want to stay healthy and young do just that!


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