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All Ingredients: CO2 extract of hemp, hempseed oil, grape seed oil, terpene extract, peppermint oil.
About the product
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Full spectrum CBDx, high in CBD-V

CBDx™ is our enhanced oil. Additional natural (non-structured) terpenes extracted from hemp are added giving it an ideal "headspace" and making it perfect for therapeutic use. It has a strong and pleasant cannabis aroma.

The natural (non-structured) terpenes that we enhance the regular CO2 extract with are not the manufactured ones you can find for sale. They are a special-made extraction and not found in other CBD supplements on the market. We only have them because of our connection with the right growers. They are the reason CBDx has such a powerful aroma and is more effective than competitor products.

The Main Benefits of CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant, a plant that has been a trusted herb to mankind for thousands of years. This cannabinoid has gained recognition in recent years for a proven ability to induce neurogenesis.*

CBD promotes an anti-flammatory response in the body, particularly the brain, acting as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant.* The most often reported effects from CBD are:

    • A feeling of relaxation and calm*
    • Joints feel better*
    • Deeper sleep*

There is one area of the brain that is especially targetted by CBD, which is the hippocampus, an area that is significantly prone to the ravages of aging. It is the assciated with spatial and episodic memory.

In a 2013 study on mice published by Cambridge University Press, CBD induces the formation of new neurons (brain cells).* The formation of new brain cells is one of the body's critical processes that is observed to decline with age, and is directly associated with longer lifespans. (The same reason endorphins correlate to longer lifespans.)*

Bone strength is also observed to decline with age, and CBD has a proven ability to promote stronger bones by assisting in the formation of collagen.*

Eternal Life brand CBD carries strict quality standards. All hemp is grown without pesticides on organic farms in the USA. The extraction is done with supercritical CO2 so it is a very clean extract.

The bottle contains 100 mg of cannabidiol (CBD), from 20 grams of hemp, and contains only CBD extract, cold pressed hemp oil, cold pressed grape seed oil, pure mint oil, and natural (non-structured) terpenes extracted from hemp.

The Added Benefits of Non-Structured Terpenes in CBDx

The terpene profile is part of the "Entourage Effect" and enhancing the terpene profile with natural, non-structured terpenes extracted from hemp, amplifies that effect. This what CBDx is designed to do.

Terpenes are non-psychoactive hydrocarbons secreted from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. The extract contains dozens of terpenes, mostly found in tiny amounts, and here we will discuss the most important.

Terpene "headspace" profile of CBDx, as tested by C4Labs


    • Improves relaxation and de-stressing effects*
    • Helps get CBD through blood brain barrier*
    • Promotes deeper sleep*

In cannabis Myrcene is the most common terpene and arguably the most important. It is the most abundant terpene in CBDx and the reason we have that strong cannabis aroma that other CBD supplements typically lack.

Myrcene plays a role in helping bring CBD through the blood brain barrier. As a result, it doesn't enhance the effect of CBD directly so much as help more of it get to the brain. The extra myrcene is the main reason CBDx works better and is more effect than competitors.


    • Analgesic

This is the other major terpene in CBDx, and has a notable analgesic effect (relaxes pain). Other CBD supplements will have only tiny amounts of this terpene, if any. If minor pain relief is part of what you want in a CBD supplement, there is no better out there than CBDx.


    • Apoptosis
    • Cellular benefits*

This is another common terpene, but also important. It has anti-inflammatory properties like many terpenes, but also supports apoptosis, and is suspected to play a role in helping CBD in its effects on cell activity. It is not exclusive to CBD at all, as it is also found in citrus.


    • Bronchodilator*
    • Slows loss of acetylcholine in the brain*

Found in pine needles, Pinene is very common in CBD supplements and the most common terpene in nature. One health benefit of pinene is it being a bronchodilator, but there is another very important one.

Pinene helps with levels of acetylcholine in the brain and some of the mental benefits of CBD oil are attributed to it. Too much pinene weakens the relaxation effects of Myrcene. We think the amount in CBDx is just right, but if your CBD supplement is too relaxing for you, go for peppermint CBDx which supplies extra pinene creating more of a balance.

We also have six options for THC-free CBD oil, including peppermints.

To learn more about our CBD, included detailed analysis of the cannabinoid and terpene profiles, please visit this page.

For further details documenting the evidence of CBD for longevity, please check out our popular article all about the scientific studies on CBD.

CBDx Cannabinoid Analysis

Cannabinoid breakdown in this CBD product (current lot)

Quality that Human Beings Deserve

Honestly Labeled
Our products are submitted to the Honestly Labeled seal review process. We do not hide ingredients such as carriers, solvents, or trace GMO ingredients. We are above and beyond reproach when it comes to our labels.
We never use genetically modified organisms in any of our products. The technology is in its infancy and there is still too much we don't know about the safety.
Kosher Parve
A good number of our products are kosher certified. Kosher certification adds an extra layer of quality control, and every batch is tested for quality and safety.

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