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Indium in Perfect Suspension
(7 mg per drop)

There is really no element like Indium. It is a metal that we normally get in only very tiny amounts, and yet it has such a powerful impact on the body. Most people who take Indium notice that it is doing something that seems good.

It is commonly touted as an elixir of youth, but the way it really works is that it increases mineral absorption tremendously.* Often times we are 'low' in a mineral, not because we don't get it in the diet, but because the body has a hard time utilizing it due to various limiting factors.

Indium was shown in studies to increase the availability of other elements. As the data becomes available we will publish Indium's degree of interaction with each of the other common elements.

Once the facts about Indium are understood, it is no wonder there are so many strong testimonials from those who've used it.

Indium in perfect suspension from Eternal Life

Here at Eternal Life we provide consumable Indium at a bargain cost. The vast majority of the price tag is because of the high cost of a professionally made pure 99.99% Indium solution in perfect suspension. This is important otherwise there would be percipitation plus an inaccurate serving size.

The price of the metal itself is currently under $160/lb, and that means the amount of elemental Indium in one bottle of the solution is only worth about 30 cents. Being in a perfect suspension with H20, and therefore possible to measure and consume it safely, literally makes it worth 100 times more.

Why be stingy with Indium? We've noticed that most Indium supplements on the market don't actually provide that much Indium, and are overly pricey. They have you taking like 3 mg of Indium sulfate, let alone 7 mg of the elemental Indium! (amount provided by 15 mg of Indium sulfate)

Indium has been tested for toxicity and known to be perfecly safe in much larger amounts. 7 mg is well within range of safety, and our testing has determined it to be a more powerful and effective serving size.

Are you new to Indium or a long time user? Whichever it is, we hope you enjoy Eternal Life Indium. At just .35 cents a day, it is an investment that would be hard to go wrong!

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We never use genetically modified organisms in any of our products. The technology is in its infancy and there is still too much we don't know about the safety.
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A good number of our products are kosher certified. Kosher certification adds an extra layer of quality control, and every batch is tested for quality and safety.

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