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Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom is one of the most important mushrooms in herbalism, especially in Chinese herbalism where it has the longest known history of use. In China it has been called "mushroom of immortality" due to thousands of years of tradition that it is a significant promoter of longevity. It is commonly known as the queen with Chaga having the title of king. (Chaga is Siberia's #1 Longevity)

How does it promote longevity? It promotes cytotoxicity, meaning it helps the body release of NK cells (natural killer cells), which work to clean up mutated cells and other cells the body does not want.* This benefit is primarily from beta-glucan, a polysaccharide with known positive benefits for the immune system, including the enhancement of stem cells and macrophage activity.[1]

The main benefits from Reishi are believed to be due to beta-glucans and triterpenes, including ganoderic acid. Reishi Fraction 3, called RF3, is the polysaccharide with the strongest impact. The thinking of some is that by binding with a peptide there is an explanation for the reduction of NADPH. ROS (reactive oxygen species) are in this way reduced, since some ROS depends on NADPH. This explains observations of decreased ROS. In this same molecular chain of events is an explanation for the increased levels of SOD, Glutathione, and other antioxidative enzymes.

The other major longevity benefit comes from the strong influence on hormones. Beta-glucan supresses 5-a reductase, so the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone is reduced. This is known as an antiandrogenic effect.

Also, ganoderic acid may be able to mimic hormones. This triterpene is antiandrogenic. Due to a structural similarity, it appears to compete with binding sites and prevents conversion to DHT.[2] But it does this without impacting healthy and natural testosterone levels.* Thus, the overall hormone impact looks positive for longevity.

A study has shown there is an estrogen-like activity from Reishi extract.[3] Many studies have shown that estrogen is a critical part of healthy cellular function. Abusing estrogen can cause cancer, of course, especially in the presence of unhealthy lifestyle factors. However, over and over again it is found that estrogen created in the right way promotes health and youthfulness.*

Terpenes are also hepatoprotective, and this has certainly been found true of ganoderic acid. The combined result of the research so far is that Reishi Mushroom does appear to be very beneficial for longevity.*

Eternal Life Club endorses the use of Reishi Mushroom by everyone. It is a tonic herb, meaning it is very safe and can be taken daily. Reishi Mushroom from Eternal Life Club is certified organic, broken into medium sized pieces for your conveinence.

The best way to obtain its benefits is to simmer the whole mushroom in very hot water for at least 10 minutes. Once cooled to a reasonable temperature, the tea may be consumed. The mushroom can be reused a few times, although longer simmering times are required.


[2] We cannot link to this research since it also discusses disease claims.


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