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1 oz
Non-GMO Honestly Labeled

Clove Bud

Clove Bud Oil has been shown to lengthen telomeres.* It accomplishes this by inhibiting the protein involved in shortening them.

Several other essential oils were also found to work in the same way. Clove Bud is a good choice, because it is less expensive and pesticides aren't a problem with it.

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Honestly Labeled
Our products are submitted to the Honestly Labeled™ seal review process. We do not hide ingredients such as carriers, solvents, or trace GMO ingredients. We are above and beyond reproach when it comes to our labels.
We never use genetically modified organisms in any of our products. The technology is in its infancy and there is still too much we don't know about the safety.
Kosher Parve
A good number of our products are kosher certified. Kosher certification adds an extra layer of quality control, and every batch is tested for quality and safety.
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