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There is no extra shipping charge. You will be sent the hair testing kit in the mail, and there are easy to follow instructions about how to take your hair sample and send it for analysis.

Hair mineral analysis

A hair mineral analysis is a recognized way to gain additional information about an individual's health and potential risk factors. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the basis of hair mineral analysis, with the results strongly indicating that relationships exist between certain mineral levels in the hair and, for instance, cancer[1].

Discover your health risk factors

According to the 2009 study, the relatioship between three mineral levels in hair and cancer statistically exceeds the relationship between age and cancer[2]. This fact makes hair analysis irrefutably important to anyone who wants to monitor the state of their health.

We recommend everyone, even if they are perfectly healthy, get a hair mineral analysis, because if you ever stop feeling healthy you can compare your analysis with the one back when you were healthy and look for differences.

Don't attribute to aging what might be a hidden toxicity from your environment. There are numerous incidents of neighborhoods being poisoned from an unknown leak. An analysis can reveal hidden toxicities of mercury, arsenic, or lead.

We have partnered with a practitioner who we know personally to bring you an excellent price. To encourage everyone to get an analysis, we will even take $10 additional off your first test.


Warning about fraud surrounding hair mineral analysis. There is a lot of fraud on the internet, as most people know. It should be no surprise that something like hair mineral analysis is being abused by some practitioners in order to sell supplements to suffering people who are desperate for relief. There are a good number of these people out there, so beware.

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