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Last Updated: 1/29/2019

Shipping Policy

We ship from Carson City, Nevada. Most shipments arrive in 2 days, although shipments to Nevada and California sometimes arrive by the next day. Shipments of Bee Pollen are always Priority 2 Day, and shipped Monday through Wednesday to minimize time in transit.

We ship all orders by the next business day, sometimes on the same day if we can. We exclusively use USPS Mail to ship orders, and we always use Cubic Shipping when available, which offers the deepest discounts possible. This is so we can pass along a maximum savings to our customers.

We believe our customers should be able to get more with their money. Many supplements are packaged or sold with only a little bit of the ingredients in a small capsule which even if you take 3 or 4 capsules does not always realistically represent the proper amount for the average person to use. We want to end this practice.

For wholesale orders, see the "Reselling Products" section of these Terms.

Return Policy

For security purposes we never receive back and sell products again after they have been shipped out from our facility. If you find one of our products is of no use to you, we may be willing to facilitate an eBay sale on your behalf, so that the product will go to someone who wants it. We may also be willing to recompensate you for the amount you paid for the product. Please contact us and explain what the situation is.

If you bought a product from us, but you found it to be defective in some way, we are very interested in hearing from you. If we ask you to return the product to us, we will pay the shipping costs, and recompensate you for the product. We take quality seriously, and if you suspect there is a quality control issue, please contact us and explain what the situation is.

If you bought our product from someone else, but wish to return it to us, we may be able to do something for you. Please contact us and explain what the situation is.

Privacy and Security

We value your privacy and security and we take reasonable measures to keep you private and secure. We comply with all Federal Laws and all the Laws of the State of Nevada regarding privacy and security.

When in contact with us, if you are able to provide us with an accurate order number and past product(s) purchased, we take that as confirmation of your identity for the purpose of placing another order to the same address. If you wish for added security, let us know and we can add extra security for you.

Extra security options including having you confirm a code sent to your email or cell phone, not allowing orders to be placed by phone, or requring a credit card number to be provided with each purchase.

In some cases, if you opted to have a credit card stored on file, we are able to charge the card we have on file. Credit card information is not stored by us, but if you opt to have that information stored (such as for members who have recurring changes), that information is stored by established companies.

Reselling Products

Any individual or company in possession of our products has the right to resell them, but we ask that you describe all products accurately.

We offer wholesale pricing to businesses that resell products, and we reserve the right to turn down businesses whose business practices would bring a bad reputation on our brand.

We want all resellers to have honest product claims and keep products in stock. We allow small orders even for resellers, so that should not be hard.

For older businesses, we can also deliver products upfront even if you need to pay-as-you-sell. That means zero risk for you as a reseller. Just pay for what you have sold at the end of every month.

We offer a reliable supply of products. If a product is continually out of stock people could incorrectly think our brand does not have a reliable supply.

Even the slowest selling of our products, for which at times we may be carrying an inventory under 30, since we work with a fast manufacturing facility, even if you needed 100 we can almost always deliver in 7 days or less. This means you can introduce your customers to our quality products and not worry about being able to keep them in stock.

Saving and Sharing

You have permission to save materials on this website provided that materials are not edited. You may retain the copy for your own personal use as long as you wish to keep it.

You may also share the materials with others provided they are not used in conjunction with links to other websites or products, and a link is provided to our website.

For store owners, you may print and share our materials in your store provided that you are selling our products. Linking to our website is not necessarily in this case.

You understand that by posting our materials online to a publicly available location, we may ask for them to be taken down, which is at our own discretion. You may still share these materials through email.

Legality and International Shipping

All the supplements we sell are legal to buy and ship without restrictions in the United States. If you live outside the United States and wish to buy our supplements, it is your responsibility to know what is legal in your own country.

We also advise that you understand what additional charges you may be subjected to by your own country. Just as we cannot always know what is legal in other countries, we also cannot always know if other charges will exist or what they will be. We cannot recompensate your for these charges.

External Links

If we link to any other website, which is one other than ETERNALLIFECLUB.COM, it is for reference purposes, and it does not mean that we endorse that information. It may be that we endorse only part of the content or if the content has changed it may be that we endorse none of it. We are only responsible for our own content.

We do not warn the user if they follow an external link. It will most likely be evident from the change in the look and feel of the website. In the address bar, you should see a green lock followed by, and that is how you can tell if you are on our website.


In order to minimize any possibility of tracking, we minimize any external data that is loaded when viewing our website and we only load data from trusted partners via an SSL (HTTPS) connection.

That means our pages do not load information from Google, Twitter, or Facebook servers, since these companies track users. Following an external link could mean you are being tracked by these companies. You are responsible for all aspects of your privacy when it comes to being tracked by these companies.

If we manage any accounts with these companies, we consider this separate from our website, and we may track activity with regard to any advertising on the actual platforms of these or similar companies.


It is your responsibility to know if you are allowed to buy and use any of our supplements, and if it is safe for you to take a specific supplement that you buy from us.

In some cases an individual may not tolerate a supplement. Some people have allergies to certain ingredients. Some of our supplements either contain or are derived from soy or corn.

Any supplement containing "alcohol" should be understood as being derived from corn, even if corn is not a listed ingredient. A corn-sensitive individual will very rarely react to alcohol made from corn, but it is possible.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the ingredients and take responsibility for all medical decisions. By law, we are not allowed to provide medical decisions and nothing we say shall be taken as a medical decision for any specific individual.


The products and services of Eternal Life Club LLC are provided in good faith. In no case are we liable for any damages to you personally or to your business if our website goes offline, ceases to function properly, or products fail to be delivered according per these terms.

Although Eternal Life Club LLC has no intention of ceasing to operate as a business, ever, we reserve the right to do so, and to destroy any company data that is legal to destroy. We will never destroy data concerning the source and quality of our materials.

"ETERNAL LIFE"(TM) is our company trademark as it relates to a health-oriented business, and is protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.

Future Revisions

Eternal Life Club LLC reserves the right to change our policy without notice. We would not not send out any notifications if we do so and it is the individual's responsibility to check to see if any terms have changed.

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